Friday, July 29, 2011

Dog Parks

Fort Myers
  • Barkingham Park at Buckingham Park: 9800 Buckingham Rd.  I haven't visited this one myself, but I've spoken to people who have. So far all of them have said that it is a beautiful park, but "aggressive". I guess there are a lot of aggressive/high strung dogs, and the owners don't control them very well. So the people have driven long distances to seek out calmer places to let their dogs roam free.
  • Pooch Park at Judd Park: 1297 Parkview Ct.  This is a great little park. There's a small dog park and a large dog park, although you will usually find a number of small dogs over with the big ones. Good group of people bring their dogs here!
  • Woof-A-Hatchee at Wa-ke Hatchee: 16760 Bass Road

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